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IrrI Design Studio is an irrigation design and consulting firm located in Central Florida serving clients nationwide including Florida, Texas, New York, Tennessee and California. We are currently the fastest growing irrigation design company in Central Florida. With over 9 years of experience, we have designed irrigation systems for commercial sites, residential sites, Government roadways and resorts around the U.S. It is our mission to provide irrigation system construction documents and consulting services that meet our Client's needs, while conserving water for future generations to come. 


As irrigation design specialists, it is our responsibility to provide construction documents that are sustainable and allow for the use of rainwater harvesting, re-use water options, and other Eco-friendly water sources, as much as possible. This really goes into effect when we are a part of projects located in drought prone locations such as California, Texas, etc.


Our consultants will thoroughly analyze each project's intended use, terrain, climate, and soil types to manage water use, water conservation and flood mitigation. We work to strike a balance between water availability, plant selection and needs, climatic locations and rainfall in the development of our plans. The result is a well-balanced irrigation system that works efficiently, reducing long-term maintenance. 



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Connor Zielinski_Founder of Irri Design Studio
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Connor Zielinski, ASIC

Founder & President

Through his consistent professionalism and quality design standards, Connor provides his team with the confidence and ability to design and consult to industry standards and beyond. It's his priority to provide clients with the highest of quality results.  A proud Knight and a graduate from the University of Central Florida. 

"Wether you think you can, or think you can't - You're right."

- Henry Ford

Irrigation design

02 Services

Irrigation Design

Providing clients nationwide with sustainable, efficient and reliable construction documents for small/large commercial, small/large residential, government and resort projects. 

Construction Administration

Assisting in the pre & post design process with installation inspections, As-Built document creation, and general pre/post design construction administration. We can assist in LEED calculations & Consumptive use estimates. If water efficient landscape and irrigation designs are required, Irri Design Studio will complete all necessary documentation to comply with California codes.

Pre & Post Site Visits

One of our team members will visit the project sites pre and post design and or installations for inspections and existing site evaluation tasks.

System Evaluation

One of our team members will evaluate your existing irrigation system to determine its current efficiency and provide a full evaluation report determining all opportunities to upgrade to the industry standards. 


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Irri Design Studio is fully licensed and insured